17-bol[fizogen] anybody know anything bout it?

  1. 17-bol[fizogen] anybody know anything bout it?

    anybody know anything about this from fizogen..17-bol...............(2OR,22R)-2b-o-acetyl-,3b,14a,20,22,25-pentahydroxy-5b-cholest-7en-6-one ester

  2. If its made by Fizogen and its advertised in Muscle & Fitness, then you can assume its garbage.

  3. Although I too would like to get unbiased response to the effectiveness of this supplement, I have to side with idunk. So tired of these bull.... supplements and their tired ass marketing reviews. Can a bodybuilding people get the straight truth??!!!!

  4. I concur. You can be guaranteed anything from Fizogen is dirt. Either it is ineffective or underdosed.

  5. I wouldn't expect this to exert any steroid like effects.



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