What IS the proper dosage for 6-oxo/Nolva?

  1. What IS the proper dosage for 6-oxo/Nolva?

    Im posting this in a new thead because I think it would be useful...

    I am going to use 6-oxo stacked with Nolvadex for post cycle.

    I was thinking the correct dosage for this would be...

    6 6-oxo/day for the 1st week, 3/day every week after (Only have 1 bottle)

    20mg/nolva per day

    This is after a 200mg 1test/400mg 4AD per day cycle lasting 4 weeks.

    Is this correct?


  2. I don't know what you are trying to accomplish by using both. One or the other should suffice.

  3. Originally posted by Lgoosey
    I don't know what you are trying to accomplish by using both. One or the other should suffice.
    exactly. i posted my thoughts on your question regarding dosage on the older thread:

    -you really only need one. 600mg/day 6oxo to start, tailing down to 400mg/day or 40-50mg/day nolvadex (thats 2mL) tailing down to 25-30mg/day would do the trick. If you have both and want to use the two together, 300-400mg/day 6oxo + 20-25mg/day nolva would work. Its not that hard BigV ( ) Sage

  4. I would say one or the other, as well, but Sage, I'm wondering why you say 40-50mg/day for the nolvadex. I think I've read someone that 20mg/day is fine for 30 days, post cycle. But perhaps you know something I don't. *shrugs*

  5. You could use both, since 6-Oxo is an aromatase inhibitor, and Nolvadex is a blocker at the receptor.. 6 would block the enzyme, as nolva would keep the receptors clear.. Then, your giggleberries will be happy..

    Liquid Anastrozole is most likely the best bet, if you can pay for it..

    ($75 for 40ml vial @ 1mg/ml.. )

  6. 6-oxo and Nolva work to suppress estrogen two different ways (as BigPeteFox stated). I cant see the point of using Clomid and Nolva together - but an aromatse blocker to stop any estrogen from being converted by the test in your system and a receptor blocker to stop it from being used by the body makes sense to me. Besides, neither is a 100% solution. I was under the impression that the more estrogen you can suppress post cycle the faster you can bring back natty test...

    Its not that hard BigV ( ) Sage
    I do try to overcomplicate things Seriously though bro - I appreciate the advice. I had both...so why not use them?

    And so...

    whats the best dosage??


  7. The dosage you mentioned in the begining of the thread is sufficient, brother..

  8. Sweet! Thanks again bro.


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