need some guidance..

  1. need some guidance..

    Hi everyone,

    been doing a lot of reading for the past few days, and the amount of information is simply amazing.

    Basic Info: 22yr old male, 180lbs, 6'0"

    I used to work out a couple of years back but then stopped. I am now back and have been working out regularly for the past month.

    My goal is to loose the fat and get up close to 195-200 pounds. According to the electronic weight machine, my body fat is around 24%, are these things accurate?).

    What would be the best course of action? Should I wait a few months before testing some anabolics? Should I loose the body fat first? Or should a cycle for bulking up?

    And what would be a good set of anabolics for me to startup on? Any help in point me to the right direction would be great.

    Thank you,


  2. IMO, I would wait quite awhile before I tried any anabolics. First, just continue to workout and add some whey protein and a good multi-vitamin. Get your diet down to a tee and try a few different types of workouts (check the exercise forum). Then throw in some CEE or something like that and use that for a few months. So, all in all, just wait awhile and get all the basics in check. This sport is a long process over an extended period of time. Dont take the easy way out right away, cuz once you eventually do anabolics, the gains you make while using them, will be that much better.

  3. agreed. besides, you don't want to make your first cycle a cutter. figure out your diet, training, etc., get down to a reasonable bf (although you can't really trust that electronic thingy), then start yourself up a lean bulker the right way. you'll kick yourself later if you start using now. just ain't worth it at this point. JMO.

  4. what is CEE?
  5. ClintCanada
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    Until you've reached a plateau of what you can achieve naturally, don't do a cycle. Use a cycle when you can no longer make gains, without the stuff -- this is going to give you at least a couple more months of very hard work before you get there.
    When you start a cycle you want to have a routine figured out-- this takes time to play with, to experiment with some variety -- do you respond best to hitting chest every 3 or 4 days or once a week?? this takes time depending on many variables.
    The same can be said for diet. How many calories do YOU need to maintain? To grow?? If you know how many, what sorts of foods are you going to include to get you there??
    A cycle takes planning, and planning takes some patience, but if you do it all right, YOU will get what you're after and maintain the size and strength afterwards. Without a routine and diet and a proper pct, your gains won't be sustainable anyways . . .
    Don't rush it

  6. Quote Originally Posted by jsidhu
    what is CEE?
    creatine ethyl ester. Its a form of creatine, but the absorption is much greater than that of regular monohydrate, making it feasible to use considerably less.


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