Did old school bodybuilders know about PCT?

  1. Did old school bodybuilders know about PCT?

    Does anyone know if old school BB'ers like Arnold and Franco, given the limited info available back then, practiced PCT?

  2. I don't think any of them did since a lot of the arguements about the old school guys is what would they look like if they knew how to cycle and PCT Anabolics like today.

  3. I can comment on this since I am OLD hee hee. I moved to so ca from oh in 1979 and worked out at the old Zuvers Gym in Costa Mesa. We did cycle on and off the juice (that's what we called it back then) I usually did 8-12 week cycles. And stayed off for about the same length of time. We used lots of orals back in the early 80's cause we didn't know better. I took way too many and stacked 3-4 orals plus some decca and test. One cycle I started to bleed from my nose and ass. Not a pretty site, plus I had an odor coming from my body. Can you say toxic? Way to many orals. The only pct was hcg but info was sketchy as to how much to take. Never heard of nolva, ect. nips would ache like a toothache. But I never got gyno. Thank God!!! We had no idea what the f--- we where doing. But you know what it was one of the best times of my life!!! LOL.

  4. There you have it from the source, lol.

    Later in the 80's, people did get clued into estrogen control, but the methods were pretty crude and not very effective. Chrysin, D-calcium gluconate et cetera were sometimes used but all in all PCT is a pretty new concept. Even now, I would venture to say that the bulk of users on the street are going without. Those actually IN the BBing community do use pct as growing boobies is rather counterproductive to the aesthetics of the sport.

  5. In all seriousness I agree with the above comment about having all the knowledge now that is available on the net. Our cycles would have been so much different and much more progress would have been made. There where a number of guys that I knew who stayed on year round including orals. That is why I have to kind of laugh now at guys worrying about taking these designer products and there liver. It gets way overstated. My liver is perfect as well as my testicles some 20 years latter. And I did cycle after cycle with orals for years in my 20's. Your body detoxis quickly. I am not saying through caution to the wind and not use ancillaries just don't get an anxiety attack over it. I still use gear now but they call it HRT. LOL I am 48 and still hold 227 lbs at 5"10" at 11% I am making a run to 245 by next year and get back to my all time high when I was 25. Except this time no 30 raw eggs a day......

  6. Also, I think we should add that many cycles were not nearly as complex as today nor were dosages nearly as high.
    The lack of post cycle also was the reasoning behind tapering dosages as to ween the body off of the hormones.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by endless View Post
    We had no idea what the f--- we where doing. But you know what it was one of the best times of my life!!! LOL.
    That's classic.


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