Need some help please. Newbie

  1. Need some help please. Newbie

    I'm 5'9 155lb. I lifted weights all though high school. But it was just go lift for a hour to say you lifted kind of thing. Never seen too many results. I have started back lifting at the age of 24. I am want to add some bulk first then around nov. start to cut up. I think i have a pretty good workout set up but please critic.

    Mon: abs 135 total, chest 120 reps total, forearms 36 reps total.

    tuesday: shoulders 88 reps total, biceps 88 reps total,

    Wed: abs 90

    thursday: thigh 72 reps total, calves 90 reps total

    friday: back 88 reps, triceps 88 reps

    is this to many reps i do mainly 10,8,6 reps increasing weight

    Next how much protein, carbs, fats, calories to i need to eat daily. The only thing i'm taking other than protein is creatine and glutamine(may be misspelled). I plan on doing this workout for 5 weeks. One last thing to i need to do and cardio now. Againg thank you.

  2. Glutamine is worthless. Drop it.

    Unless you have lipid issues - stop most of the cardio. I only like to do it so I don't feel like such a fatazz.

    I can't make heads or tail of your routine.

    Search around the exercise science forums for routines. Glenihan has what looks like a good one.

    Same goes for diet - look around the diet forum.

    If you really want results and have the money - sign up with Bobo (Fla Nutrition).

  3. Any reason this is in the anabolics section?

    And if you've been putting in time and it is not working, hire Bobo. It is not expensive, and the knowledge you'll gain is well worth the investment. Just do exactly what he says.

    I'm not following his plan anymore, but my workouts and diet are based on his, with some variety thrown in when I'm feeling whimsical

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