Best Oral Cutting Cycle?

  1. Best Oral Cutting Cycle?

    I have heard good things about Halodrol and PP/Prostan as a cutting cycle. Also Mega-TRN. Its hard for me to lose fat by going 500 calorie deficit a day, so Im looking into doing a cycle with about 1000 calorie deficit per day with about 30 min cardio 4-5 days a week. Lifting will prob. only be 3 days a week, lighter and more reps than usual.

    Right now im 5'9' 235, about 22 percent BF. Im down about 10 percent body fat from 14 months ago. I was about 255 with at least 10 pounds less muscle on my frame. I have hit a brick wall as far as getting leaner. What I was doing before is not working any more. I feel like I have to cut my calories more now that my BF is quite a bit lower than before. I will eat about 2500 and burn about 500 with cardio/lifting.

    I am not that concerned with muscle loss as I do have about 180 pounds lean mass, but of course I want to minimized it to less than a few pounds. My goal is go get down to 220 at the end of the cycle.

    I have PP/Prostan/Mega-TRN/SD in my stash. I dont have much anabolic experience, but I do have Nolva and Rebound XT and liver support etc on hand. I have been considering a PP/Prostan cycle for a while now. Mega-TRN is too new for me to be completely comforable with for my first real cycle (finigenx doesnt count in my book) Whats a good cycle for my goals?

  2. Have you tried using just an ECA stack? I would also look into IBE's albuterol. Almost as effective as clen, but without the sides. IMO, im just not a fan of running ph's for cutting cycles. I think they are best utilized for bulking, but thats just me.

    Also, if you havent run any of these compounds solo, then I wouldnt recommend stacking them. Pick one, and run it by itself, so in that case, if any problems should arise, you know what product is causing it.

  3. Yes ECA helped me lose the 30+ pounds of fat in the last year. I love it but its lost its effectiveness for me. I have albuterol but I didnt like it. I sweat bad enough the way it is, but I could give it another go. I only took it a few days but it didnt suppress the appetite like ECA does. Albuterol and ECA are both very anti-catabolic right? Maybe Ill run Prostanzol as a stand alone with ECA or albuterol.

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