Refining the injections

  1. Refining the injections

    Okay, I have previously posted my cycle, now I am looking at the nitty gritty (damn, I love micromanaging a!)

    Anyway, this will be my first time for site injections. The targets are my lagging bodyparts, which are ars (bi's and tris) and side delt.

    The workout style, is doggcrapp. Now as many are aware, it is set up like this:

    Mon: chest, shoulders, tris, back

    Wed: Bis, legs

    Fri: repeat Monday

    Mon, repeat wed, and so on.

    Now the theroy that seems most reasonable to me in reguards to site injections, is facia stretching. SO, it makes the most sense to inject a bodypart, THEN go work it out, so you have the oil, and the "pump" giving the facia a nice stretch (as well as DC facia strecthing excersizes)

    With this in mind, I am tryiung to combine the two into reasonable harmony. Lets take the first cycle, tren and test prop. Now, it is best to do ED, I am aware of that, and hyopthectically, say your injecting 1.5 cc/day. Now if I want to maximize this "oil bolus, and pump" theroy, I would want to shoot BOTH biceps on say bicep day. To do this, it makes sense to do EOD injects, so using the above workout, I would do the following:

    Mon, inject both side delts with 1.5 ccs..since it is a shoulder day

    wed, hit both bi's with 1.5ccs since it is a bicep day

    friday, hit both tris with 1.5 ccs since tris are getting hit

    now the next leg and bicep day, I could shoot quads, or just hit bi's again.

    To do effective EOD shots, I would have to modify DCs workout from a MWF routine with sat and sun off to a EOD workout, so I am losing one day of recovery in there, but considering the "chemical enhancement" this should be doable IMO.

    My questions:

    #1 Your opinions?
    #2 How much is switching from ED to EOD going to hamper gains..I do not think much, but I am looking for opinions/
    #3 Do you think this "inject bodypart, workout bodypart" theroy will result in much additional growth in the lagging bodyparts?

    Thanks bros!

  2. Wardog,
    i havent a clue to share about your questions, but i was curious to know why your cramming chest, shoulders, tris, back all in one workout?
    Do you train twice per day?
    Would a cycle like that be effective with that type of training schedule? I havent a clue about AAS, thats why i have been spending so much time reading here the last month or so.
    My apoligies if the answer to your training schedule have been answered before, like i said im new here. It seems like an enormous task just to train all those groups in one day.
    Good luck which ever way you decide to do your fall cycle.

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