cycle length

  1. cycle length

    a none internet friend of mine has 9 amp 2 ml of sten, 7 amp 250 ml of promoteston, and 50 ml of laurabolin, and 100 tabs of tamoxifen 10 mg tabs. how long would this last. one month and how much and how often should he take this? what would be a good cycle for him to do? i am thinking about using the tamoxifen after my 1t cycles how much should i use?

  2. If he does have the gear to do a whole cycle.. you can look at the sticky at the top of the forum to do alittle research. Also, how old is this friend of yours because if he is under 21 he needs to wait IMO
    Also before you jump off into doing gear do some reading and then do some more reading.. this stuff can really screw your body up if you don't know what you are doing to some extent..

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