What is this "bad batch" of Rebound xt Ive been hearing about?

  1. What is this "bad batch" of Rebound xt Ive been hearing about?

    Im about to do my first cycle ever of anything other than creatine(wish me luck). Im doing Superdrol soon, ive heard about a bad batch of rebound xt what is this bad batch and how can i avoid it? I plan on getting my rebound xt from supplementwarehouse.com is this a safe site to get it from? Also where is the cheapest site to get some nolvadex?

  2. So you are actually going to go through with it and jeopardize your football career? Well its your life and no one can tell you how to run it. Check the board sponsors for what your looking for, and in the future, when it comes to AAS or research chems, dont ask for sources.

  3. Also, with the Rebound xt, dont worry about bad batches, they've all been taken off the shelves by now. And supplementwarehouse is very reliable, I have ordered from there many times.

  4. hey idunk, I plan on Superdrol during May.. i dont have to report back to school till June 7 for summer workouts. Thats why im going to fool with it now and let it gett out of my system by August

  5. Well good luck with it and hopefully everything goes smoothly. Im sure your gonna like it, as long as the sides dont get to harsh. Just make sure to keep your cals high and drink tons of water. Good luck bro.

  6. Thanks bro Ill keep the board updated on my progress with Superdrol. my current numbers are 6ft1 300lb bf19% Max bench-480lb(bad shoulder on max day) (225 41 reps) (315-18 reps) (275lb 21reps) (parallel squat-540) (hangclean-315)


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