What can cause low ALT values?

  1. What can cause low ALT values?

    What can a low ALT value indicate? A high reading can be indicative of liver damage, correct? I canít seem to find much on low values though. My blood test also had two other values out of whack, but donít know if they are related:
    ALT 20 (30-65 U/L) Low
    Chloride 109 (98-107 mmol/L) High
    Total Protein 6.3 (6.4-8.2 g/dL) Low

    Last thing I have been on was Trimax/MDien 5 weeks in Jan, followed by 6 week PCT of tamox and Rebound. That all ended back in mid March, so I have had about a month of ďpure off timeĒ. Blood test was at 9:30 AM; I had fasted since 9 PM previous evening, except for about 8 oz. of a fruit flavored water about 6:00 AM. I did do a pretty good leg workout the evening before. Any ideas are welcome.

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  3. I haven't seen that as normal range yet.? More like 7-56 units per liter, which means you should be fine. You can do a web search on that. There are a lot of sites that discuss blood tests.

    I wouldn't worry about the other values either they are only slightly off. You'll probably find some labs that place these within the allowed range.

  4. Thanks for the reply! The values I showed were from the labs print out, so I was curious how they compared to other's test results. You are probably right since they are all just outside their specs.

    My concern with it being on the low side is, just as a high value can show liver damage, could a low value show decreased function? Looking for reassurance before I carry on along my merry way and future cycles.

  5. No, ALT/AST is never an indicator of liver function, liver damage- but not function. Your ALT level is fine. You should always have some floating around, a level <35 is normal.



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