first cycle, confused, getting conflicting information

  1. first cycle, confused, getting conflicting information

    Alright, I posted earlier about my plan and got some feedback, and now I'm just really confused. I have 1-ad and am getting another bottle. 5'11 192lbs, been lifting for a few years, but one year straight. Will it be okay for me to stack the 1-ad oral with the dermabolic 4-ad if so at what doses for a beginner? Should I start of gradual. I have done a lot of research you can look at my post on 1-ad/4-ad transdermal. But everyone is telling me conflicting things, can someone help to set this straight with doses for my size and experience (none) with prohormones. was thinking of starting low and moving up but how high for both the 1-ad and the 4-ad transdermal by dermabolics, also pct help would be great. Really need some good expert advice. Thanks. I'm 22 years old by the way

  2. simple search yields many wonders. achilles13 posted this a while back:

    I wouldn't stack SD with 1ad/4ad just for the simple fact that you will grow how you want off of 1ad/4ad. All credit goes to Krzna for the info...

    I have compiled a few commonly
    asked questions new users ask before getting into 1AD.Please note that this thread is by no means makes you completely knowledgeable. It is pretty similar to my m1t thread, just varying the cycles and pct.

    I am 18, I have had 4 years plus lifting experience, I feel I’ve reached a plateau and want to use 1ad?
    Well I’ve heard this question over and over and would to prevent all those below 21 that using 1ad, or any other ph under the age of 21 is basically inhibiting your body’s natural production of testosterone. Between the ages of 18 thorough 21, males experience the highest test production. If you feel you want to supplement, I would strongly suggest you look for Test boosters. Please note that this has nothing to do with your lack of so called maturity or the feeling that youngsters are careless. Its scientific and numerous studies have been performed in this regard.

    This is my first ph cycle ………..
    1ad is a great place to start with prohormones.

    I have just got a bottle of 1ad , how do I use it.

    Week 1: 300mg 1AD,300mg 4AD (starts today, 1/30/05)
    Week 2: 300mg 1AD,600mg 4AD
    Week 3: 300mg 1AD,600mg 4AD
    Week 4: 600mg 1AD,900mg 4AD
    Week 5: 600mg 1AD,900mg 4AD
    Week 6: 600mg 1AD,900mg 4AD

    Does 1AD require a PCT?
    The presence of 1ad in the body inhibits the production of the body’s natural reserve testosterone. Once you jump off the cycle you will need to restart your body’s natural test production. A Post Cycle Therapy is therefore required.

    Give me a sample 1ad PCT.

    Week 7: 600mg 6-oxo, 40mg Nolva, 1g Milk Thistle, 5g Tribullus
    Week 8: 600mg 6-oxo, 20mg Nolva, 1g Milk Thistle, 4g Tribullus
    Week 9: 300mg 6-oxo, 10mg Nolva, 1g Milk Thistle, 4g Tribullus
    Week 10: 300mg 6-oxo, 10mg Nolva, 1g Milk Thistle, 3g Tribullus

    Is 6oxo good enough by itself for a 1AD PCT, most people say it is enough
    Yes, 6oxo standalone is strong enough to restart the test production in your body. The suppressive action of 1ad is not as extreme as 1ad. Bur 6oxo is not as effective an anti estrogen as Nolvadex. Nolvadex is therefore a good thing to add to any ph cycle.

    What are the sides of 1ad, how can I combat these sides?
    The common sides of 1ad are

    Lethargy – Stacking 1AD with 4AD. Preload 4AD @ 100mg / day (dermal) or 300mg/day (oral) for 1 week.

    Testicular atrophy a.k.a my balls are shrinking :
    Yes, this is a common side effect of using any prohormone. However this is nothing to worry about. Under normal circumstances, you will get back to your normal size after the PCT.
    Incase of extreme cases the following can be tried.
    Day 1 Clomid @ 300mg
    Week 1 Clomid @ 100mg
    Week 2/3 Clomid @ 50mg

    To the best of my knowledge this has cured all cases of testicular atrophy.

    Puffy nipples, soreness aka gyno
    To make a long story short excess test is converted to estrogen in the body. This leads to the famous problem called gyno. In most cases, estrogen based gyno can be handled too.
    Week 1-2 Nolva @ 80mg
    Week 3-4 Nolva @ 40mg
    Week5-6 Nolva @ 20mg

    Loss of libido, loss of erectile hardness etc in the PCT.
    “I used 4AD, I was fine, but in the pct I am losing my drive”. This is another commonly heard complaint. If you want to get your drive back I would suggest using both Nolva and Clomid together. Clomid however makes you moody and prone to irritation, therefore be cautious and use clomid at lower doses.
    If you want to have sex while using 1ad and are “ not able to get it up” then I would suggest you use Tadafil Citrate aka Cialis. I personally feel Cialis is more effective than Viagra.

    What is preloading? How does it help my liver?
    1ad takes the oral route within the body. The body’s natural filter is the liver. 1ad is toxic, this means that your liver will take a beating while you use 1ad. It is always better to preload that is to run a liver protector before jumping on the cycle.
    Milk thistle @ 1000mg preloaded along with 4AD a week before the 1ad starts.
    PCT Milk thistle @ 1000mg for 2 weeks.

    What are other good supplements I can run along side 1ad.
    Make sure you take your multivitamins and EFA’s. If creatine works for you , go for it. Pretty much I would recommend using 1ad for bulking.

    I took 1ad/4ad, its 4 weeks up, I still don’t see any change. Why?
    Well, its not the ph’s fault fault, there is some mistake on your part. Most people underestimate the simple dictum of eating heavy and eating right. Please make sure that your calorics are adjusted to your body weight and height. I do not need to comment on your nutrition, but make sure that you take in 1.7-2g of Protein /lb of body weight.
    Make sure your carbs and EFA’s are at a maximum
    You need to drink @ least 1.5 gallons of water while on 1ad.

    My cycle is over, I have to keep my gains, how do I do it.
    If you want to keep your gains, make sure you take nolvadex. You will lose a little bloat/size due to water retention attributed to the 4AD. Its good to take creatine and nitrous based compounds or cell volumisers at this point to keep your gains. I have not used CEE, but am looking to do so in the near future.

    I have a product by xxx, which says it is a premade stack, how effective are they.
    I do not believe in premade stacks because I feel that the active ingredient prohormone is not in high dosages as it is needed to be. Also t hese are costlier and not so flexible to use. I therefore would suggest you make your own stacks.

    I do not know where to get the necessary supplements/ chems for my PCT.
    Please do not ask on the forums for sources. I will try to help you through secure mail or pm’s.

    I am not a doctor and neither do my opinions construe medical advice. These are just my views after using and researching about this product and answering a number of queries from users who were as confused as me when I first started it.

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  5. Yes by far thats been the nicest post by Beelz... Although very informative too bad 1ad now is illegal

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  7. Just trying to up my posts so I can throw up before/after pisc,...thanks!


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