can someone break this down for me

  1. can someone break this down for me

    Testogel 110ml %5

    is this stuff garbage? is it just transdermal Test Base? how many MG do u think u get per ML?

  2. yeah, it's a test base transdermal but i don't know how much is absorbed.

  3. Thanks for the reply bro....I cant find anything on the web that says how much of this stuff is absorbed into the skin...

  4. was doing a little reading on it on another board. seems that the "5%" written on it is how much that's expected to absorb. is it from schering?

  5. I dont wanna get banned for naming any sources bro...I dont know who its made it by I can just its from a well known China man ya know what I mean....Does it seem like its not even worth dealing with?

  6. wasn't asking for sources brutha, just asking for who it's made by. if the source is making it himself, then i see your point. otherwise, there should be some sort of company name on there somewhere and i was guessing schering. anyhoo.....

    if 5% is how much you get out of it, then no. injectables or a well-made transdermal (like t-gel for instance where supposedly you absorb ~35-45%) are the only options IMO.

  7. your the man beelzebub...thanks for help bro


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