Post-cycle gains - is it possible?

  1. Post-cycle gains - is it possible?

    A few days ago YJ would've led the charge by saying if everything is done right it can happen, as he has numerous times managed to accomplish. Needlessly to say, this is a huge part of any cycle, and I want to know the truth. Who has positive experience with this (embellishers need not respond )

  2. I dont know why GAINS are necessary post cycle? The whole poing of on cycle is gains, post cycle is preservation and (the key word) SOLIDIFICATION OF SIAD GAINS. There only so much that can be gained and the managed effectively at one time. I lost no more than 2 pounds of 20 (water) and solidified my gains really well. I would not hav cared to gain anymore at that point considering I had SOOO much new weight to work with as it was. My goal post cycle is to simply solidfy my new gains and give my tendons, joints, etc. time to adjust to the new load.

  3. I'm always looking to progress whether on a cycle or off. I'm still able to progress after a cycle, not as fast but it's still progress none the less.

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