Hair Loss question

  1. Hair Loss question

    When people say they are shedding/losing some hair, what EXACTLY do they mean? Clumps? a few strands or noticable balb/thinning spots? I know up to 100 hairs a day is normal.

    This all comes to mind because I'm not prone to MPB and have thick hair that grows quickly.

    I'm extremely careful with any PHs. I log down everything -dose, time etc. Monitor Blood pressure too. And run no longer than 4 weeks at a time. I believe in running the bare minimum dose (LESS THAN BOTTLE RECOMMEND).

    My BP was running high 150/100, a week into cycle so I started a beta blocker Lopressor. 3 week in I'm noticing extra strands coming out. Maybe up to 100 a day (maybe more that I didn't count) which is a lot for me with my hair. I read that beta blockers alone can cause the problem.
    I also have 1-test going but at NO point more than 2 caps (100mg) per day.
    So I stopped it, stopped everything start PCT (20mg Nolva/25mg Clomid).

    Cycle breakdown is:
    Week 1-2 1-TU (50mg Ethergel) x 2
    Week 3-4 1-TU x 1 + Superdrol 10mg.

    With everything stopped PHs, betaB, PCT started, SHOULD the shedding stop OR should I initiate something? Finestride MIGHT work, but I see that 1test converts some weird way so its ineffective. Rogaine might cause MORE hairloss just applying it.

  2. When people refer to losing hair, they are usually referring to enhancing and progressing the affects of male pattern baldness. So since you are prone to this, then you may experience an enhanced effect on your overall hair loss. You will usually lose hair, or hair may thin, in the usually spots that men lose their hair from male pattern baldness.

  3. idunk, thanks for the info, I found the link before posting.

    I'm in a spot were it could be one thing (Phs) or the other (betablocker). I'm not prone to it or showing signs of MPB I'm being precautious and proactive if there is a concern. As these drugs are stopped and some time clears my system I HOPE that it will just go back to normal regrowth cycle.

  4. Yeah, hopefully it will man. Good luck.

  5. sometimes after a harsh cyle I notice hair regrowing about the time pct is done.


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