Got a few urgent questions concering Superdrol

  1. Got a few urgent questions concering Superdrol

    Im gunna take Sperdrol for one month in June,4-5 weeks.. What is the best stuff to take while on this to prevent gyno? nolvadex, arimidex, or letro? How much of the recommended one can I take during my superdrol cycle to prevent gyno without hindering gains in size ans strength? Is superdrol a steroid?
    Also will superdrol trigger a positive steroid test? Will nolvadex, arimidex, reboundxt or letro.. trigger a positive test of something? How much nolva, etc do I take with rebound xt during pct? I play football in the SEC i dont want to test positive for something.. If i come off superdrol in early July will it be out of my system by August? Thanks for your advice.

    Stats: (6ft1 300lb defensive tackle)
    225lb bench press reps-41
    275lb bench press reps-21(afterworkout)
    315lb bench press reps-18
    max bench press 480lb
    squat max-540lb
    hangclean max-315lb

  2. This will end this discussion very quickly. Get a hold of your NCAA Drug Testing Guidelines and look for the chemical name of SD on that list. I'm pretty sure you're going to find it.

    If you still want the answer to these questions may I suggest ... ...

    Superdrol is a steroid.

  3. searches will answer each of those questions

  4. well here's my guess. If you are a defensive tackle, playing football in the SEC, you don't even need SD. Also, you don't want to jeopardize your career, so my suggestion is just to veer away form it and not chance it.

  5. Well they cannot yet test for methasteron anyways and I have yet to see it on the banned list, unless it has been updated recently. Your college I DOUBT will test for it although the NCAA might. It is an oral and doesn't last long in your system anyways.

    I personally saw no gyno from SD and i think the people who do think they see it might be just consuming more calories and maybe getting some pudge around the nips.

    And yes it is a potent, alternate version of another powerful designer steroid.

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  7. Hello,

    The question you are asking might have been already answered in another thread.
    If you use the Search Function, you probably will get your answer quicker.



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