How to make liquid arimidex or liquid nolva?

  1. Question How to make liquid arimidex or liquid nolva?

    Hi guys

    I'm planning to buy a some arimidex and nolva powder and convert it into liquid form.

    I would appreciate any hints or advise on how to go about doing this.

    1/ What would be the best solution to dissolve them into? Distilled water? Tap water?

    2/ Do I need to heat the solution? What is the optimum temperature?

    3/ Could I add some BA into my solution to preserve it? Is this mandatory? If so, how many % would be effective?

    4/ What else must I add into the solution?

    Thanks very much for the help.

  2. I just use olive oil. Suspends just fine, just shake well before drawing. But I am lazy.
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  3. Everclear.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Skye
    Skye's hardcore. I use 151 because I'm a puss and can't stand everclear.

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