Suggested Cycle, PCT and Support Supps for Mega-Zol/Phera-Max Cycle

  1. Suggested Cycle, PCT and Support Supps for Mega-Zol/Phera-Max Cycle

    I'm looking to retain, and even gain, muscle while cutting. After reading some recently posted advice, I may go with a Mega-Zol/Phera-Max cycle for better endurance and vascularity. (This will keep me on top of my rugby game)

    I couldn't find any suggested cycles, support supps, and PCT for Mega-zol/Phera-max, so I thought I'd ask. (I have my thoughts, but I'd like to hear from those of you who have more info than I do)

    (PS, this is my first post here, so I'm also saying hello for the first time. Been lifting for the better part of 3 years. I play rugby. I'm 100% committed to diet, 6 days training/cardio. Etc etc. I'm not a newb to AAS.)

    Thanks for your input.

  2. you say you are not a noob, but in what world do PCT products change? check in the generic labs forum, there is a lot of information on the two supps you listed.

  3. I guess I wasn't clear.

    1st) PCT supps DO change. For example, some suggest Clom and some suggest Nolva, depending. Here is another example: some companies offer there own PCT, for example AX's RTX. Sure the basics of a PCT will remain the same, but the specific supps may change based on various reasons, in some cases just personal oppinion.

    2nd) I didn't know that Generic Labz had a forum. I guess I'll go inquire there.

    Admin can delete this thread.

  4. well yes, there are different types of PCT products, but they do not change over time, that is, what you used for previous pct, is still valid for a cycle today. as for all pct, i suggest nolva. For PCT, i usually use nolva, dhea, and either Rebound XT or Novedex XT. Also, you might want to throw in CEE as well, but I vary between cycles. But yeah, for examples of cycles, check out the GL forum.

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