Propecia and 19 nor diol

  1. Propecia and 19 nor diol

    I want to start taking some 19 nor diol. (The only prohormone that I've read about that won't cause hairloss) Not sure if transdermal or oral will be better, but anyways.... I heard that taking it while taking propecia is not good. I haven't been able to read anything that makes sense to me about why it is bad, or will contribute to hairloss.

    Has anybody heard anything about this. From what I've read, it looks like 19 nor diol will be the best prohormone, with the best conversion rate, without it actually turning to DHT, or Test. It converts to nandrolone right?

    Anyways, hope somebody can answer both of my questions..


  2. Bump for Dio. Also, do a search at using propecia, Dio has probably already discussed it. You could also pm nizoralman.

  3. definitely want Dio's input here. I swear he should write a book on hair and androgens damnit!

  4. I've thought about it Sooner or later I will be writing an article on it.

    Anyway, I answered this for BM in a PM but in case anyone else wants to know I'll post my reply here:

    I think that the risks of using the 2 of them together are overstated. Even if using propecia does make deca more androgenic, it's still easier on the hair than anything else.

    It might cause some loss, but I doubt it. If you are really concerned you could always use some topical spiro while on cycle.

  5. Thanks for posting it here too, Dio. Karma for you.



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