Calorie intake with 1-Test

  1. Calorie intake with 1-Test

    Hey guys I'm getting ready to start a 4 week 1-Test cycle, and I am in the middle of cutting.  I'm taking in 500 calories below my BMR a day.  I'm also doing cardio 3-4 times a week in the morning.  My question is would you keep your calories at 500 below maintenance during the cycle or would you bump up a couple hundred to maybe gain a little more mass from the cycle.  I will also be adding an ECA while doing this cycle, and 4 weeks after the cycle.  I am more concerned with mass then I am strength. 

  2. Well I can't speak from experience of cutting while using PH's but I've found with my current bulking cycle while "on" I've had to increase my cals 1000 higher than I normal do on a bulking cycle. Even at 4000 cals I was losing body fat. So I think you may want to raise your cals atleast to maintenance level.

  3. I would break my food down with 50% protein,20%carbs,30%fat. With strategy, you can take in more calories to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.

  4. hmmmm I'm on a 40/40/20 split right now. Whats the resoning behind switching to a 50/20/30?

  5. It is pretty simple. Protein builds muscle. Therefore you want the majority of your calories to be from protein. The fats help optimize hormone levels. You will have just enough carbs to replace glycogen, but not enough to be stored as fat. To build muscle and lose fat at the same time you must feed muscle and starve fat. I follow this plan 80% of the year. IMO, you could probaly eat between 500-1000 calories more than you do now and still lean out. What bodytype are you? Endo,ecto,meso. If you are a hard gainer this would not be a good approach for you, but considering you are cutting you are probaly not.

  6. OK well all of the data that I have researched, and all of help I have received on this site states that a 40/40/20 split is just fine for cutting, but I will consider your ratio. If I could eat more, and burn fat that would be great. Especially since I've been cutting I'm almost always hungry. My body type I would have to say is endo-meso (chubby & muscular). Hence the reason I'm cutting now. Can others chime in on this since I just got this diet all tweeked out and Bigswole wants me to change it =). My first instict was to do a 60/25/15 split, and a couple of people thought that would work well too. My body doesn't seem to require a lot of carbs to have energy so I just was taking in a ton of protein. Big You can check out my current diet if you want it's in a thread on here in the nutrition forum label help me get ripped!

  7. Ever consider doing keto?

  8. Originally posted by Draven
    Ever consider doing keto?

    I thought about it.  To be honest I kind of brushed it off, and haven't done any research on it yet.  Guess I am just being a little stubborn, and sticking to the old ways.  It's not out of the question for me though.

  9. Originally posted by bigswole30
    If you are responding well I would continue as you are doing. It was just an idea to help you gain a little more muscle on your 1-test cycle. If you are interested in my lean gain diet, email me at [email protected]. I have basically the same body type as you. My diets are always set up for me by beverly international. Trust me, they know there stuff.

    Actually I couldn't tell you yet if I'm responding well to the cut only 2 weeks into it, and had some wrinkles to work out the first week.  I haven't lost any fat.  I know one thing though the NYC I'm on is horrible.  I could get more energy out of a soda.  I'll email you so we can talk instead of clogging up the forum.  Thanks.

  10. Well you can always check out the sticky in the nutrition (I believe) section from BlindFaith. He covers just about everything in there. There's also a board at which is dedicated to Keto that BlindFaith and Chi_town mod.

  11. Thanks Draven. Stickys everywhere. Keto was clogging the nutrtion forum so much @ it was driving me nuts. Best decision they made was to make a seperate forum for that. Maybe I should give it a shot. I'm tired of not being ripped up. I'm not lacking discipline just lacking the knowledge of what my body responds best to.

  12. That's a hell of nice looking site Draven. Very clean and straightforward so far. Thanks!

  13. NPursuit did you get my email?

  14. Yup got it. I had to drive home from work took me a minute =)


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