When to start

  1. When to start

    I just received my first batch of T1 pro and I was just wondering I have already been taking 1AD for 8 days and I was going to continue the 1AD for a total of 3 weeks with the Androsol I have and then do 3 weeks of the T1 pro totalling 6 weeks 3 with 1AD and 3 with T1 pro. Would I be better off waiting a few weeks after the 1AD then starting my T1 pro cycle. Or should I increase my 1AD doage and start my T1 pro earlier.

  2. What dosage are you taking of the 1-ad and androsol? Talk to ya

  3. 300 of 1AD and 600 of Androsol daily.

  4. Do you want bulk or lean?

  5. well, to me....

    That sound like a weaker version of T1....so IMO you should continue that for the 3 weeks and then take about 2 weeks off and then go to the T-1 Pro (with DMSO right?) 1 squirt in the morining and 1 in the evening.  And then after that last 3 weeks is over w/the T1 Pro, use 6-OXO (at 3 caps/night) or Fuzu (at 6 caps/day ) for 3-4 weeks post cycle

    see ya


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  6. Well muscle hardness is most important, some size would be nice also. I will be getting some more for cutting later.

    Thanks Lifeguard I will definitely consider that option.

    Oh Curt, is it still 1 pump for 2ml in the Canadian packaging, and do you rub it in after you spray it on. Oh and this did contain DMSO right ?

  7. No No . The canadian version is different. I told you the # of sprays right? Yes you rub it in after spraying on. It is 7sprays /ml... And yes it has DMSO in it..Talk to ya

  8. lol yah you may have mentioned it in one of the other posts, yah 7 sprays makes more sense. Hey that will make it easier cuz as you suggested I will make mine last 50 days instead of 60.

    So do you think I should wait a couple weeks after the 3 weeks of 1AD then start the T1 pro like Lifeguard suggested.

  9. Definitely wait a couple of weeks to give your system a chance to get somewhat back to normal before shutting it down again with the T1-Pro. The more I read about short (3-4 week) cycles with 2-4 weeks separating two cycles, the more I think that they are the way to go for the best quality in gains.


  10. Ok I will take a couple weeks off before I start on the T1 pro. I will need to cut my 1AD cycle short though (2 weeks) in order to faclitate my schedule. Bummer I was hoping that I could just do 3 weeks of 1AD and jump right in with 3 of T1 pro.


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