T1 pro and dbol

  1. T1 pro and dbol

    4 week cycle of t1 pro 3 squirts a day and 30mg of dbol . 15mg in the morning and 15mg at night with the t1 pro.
    6oxo and nolva post cycle. 3 6oxo a day for 3 weeks and 40mg of nolva the first week and 20 the last 2.

    what do you guys think of that stack? anyone tried anything close to it?

  2. If you can get dbol, than why not ditch the t1 pro and get some enth or something?

  3. Never heard of it being done, sounds like your in for a heck of a bloat ride, but give it a shot. Just do not be disappointed post cycle when you lose half of your gains because they were simply bloat.

  4. if u actually do that cycle, im curious to know how it turns out. i have a friend thats been tryin to get me to try some stuff with him and im not all about the needles. by the way awesome pic man, tyson is ni impossible to beat on punchout. nes represent lol

  5. i have done dbol before and really didnt get much bloat but strength went through the roof. not much bloat on 2 squirts a day with the T1 pro. i muhgt try it and see what happens.

    it takes skill to beat iron mike on nes. :-) punch out is still my most favorive game ever.



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