before i start my t1 pro......

  1. before i start my t1 pro......

    First i will thank BDC Nutrition for getting the product to me so quickly, i appreciate it.
    Thanks Chemo.

    If i can pick the rest of the members brains, please feel free to help a coward that has been training hard and heavy for 5 years with the aid of nothing but food, protein powder and creatine (creatine cycle on and off 4 times per year)

    I know the DMSO goes into the bottle (t-1 pro), but also have heard it can be used without it too. please explain!

    Should i stop taking my creatine during my cycle? i see alot of people take it after to maintain gains, will it hurt to stay on it?
    I havent recieved my novla yet so im going to hold off my start, if no gyno shows up will nolva and trib be enough after my 4 weeks is up? im having a hard time finding Clomid. I allready have the trib.

    If gyno shows up, how much novla is normal 2ml/4 mg?

    If i do get symptoms (gyno) can i finish my 4 weeks running novla daily with my T-1 pro?
    50 ml(nolva) probably wont be enough for my post cycle if i have to run it during my T1-pro will it?
    I also have some formasin coming for bloat (just incase)

    How much should i raise my caloric intake, i stay around 3700 right now, i really try to watch what i eat so i can stay as lean as possible.

    Is there anything else a lean mean 236lb ***** might need before i get started?

    I have been trying to increase my bench for almost 2 years now and havent done **** for gains, hovering the 365-380 range forever..........
    If i can gain just 20 lbs on my bench in a few months i can definately have first place for our annual bench contest at work.

    All words of wisdom will be appreciated..


  2. wow--thats a lot of questions
    Ill answer what i can--
    gyno really isnt much of a problem with t1pro, the 4ad levels are low enough where it isnt too bad--use the nolva only if you need it during--if you get itchy nips etc. , i have had no problem like that so maybe someone else could help.

    the dmso increases absorbtion, you can use with out it but i believe it increases absorbtion by like 20-30% but teh stuff still works w/o just not as good.

    i dint take creatine during, i started after so i dont know about that--but it would probably be best to do the t1-pro alone so you can more accurately see where gains came from

    anything i miss?

  3. oh yeah--theres nothing wrong with being natural so stop putting yourself down for it.

  4. Well I think I can help with the Nolva I have been researching a ton on this. (my disclaimer..I'm still a newb so anybody feel free to correct me if needed)

    The post cycle of Nolva is 20mg a day for 4 weeks. which is 28 days and I think the conversion is 20mg = 1mL. So that is 28 mL used out of a 50mL bottle leaving an additional 22 days worth of 20mg a day to get you through on cycle usage. So that is 6 days uncovered and assuming your not going start the Nolva straight should be all set.

    Now I'm guessing at the 20mg a day on cycle. I have heard some say they used 10mg a day and others said 40mg to wipe out all signs of gyno. I would be intersted to anybody elses thoughts on this.

    So the long and he short...if you take 20mg ED on cycle you should be covered fro the post cycle...especially if you're going to use Trib with the Nolva. Good Luck

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