Need Advice

  1. Need Advice

    here it is guys, im in the middle of my second cycle and my girl is putting pressure on me to quit the juice, basically i have to choose. I know i love her and that quiting will make the relationship better for us. What im wondering is will i be able to make gains naturally after hitting the gear? Im nowhere's near my genetic potential and i probably shouldn't have tried gear yet but i did. My first cycle was a test and EQ cycle for 10 weeks and im 4 weeks into my test dbol cycle right now..... will i be able to get to my genetic potenial naturally even though ive used gear? Im stuck on what to do, i was about to start my fina and i was gonna run it for the last 6 weeks of my cycle with the test at 75mg ed. Part of me says do it naturally right away since i shouldnt have toyed with the egar yet but then part of me says well ive already started why not finish up the cycle and start towards my potential with some more muscle on my body then i would have if i stopped right now... what do you guys think?

  2. Bro, this probably doesn't help much but if your girl will leave you over something that she is very misinformed about than she is not worth keeping. Easier said than done, but when the same thing happened to me, my girl came crawling back. Do a search on by Big Cat, he's got a good post there about all the horse **** propaganda surrounding steroids that you should get your girl to read.

  3. I agree, if she loves you she wont leave you over something stupid. BUT gear IS only GEAR!!! It shouldnt drive people away from you. If it does, its time to stop.


  4. Post

    DUDE! Say, guys always make girls be the one to take regular birth control...say you're doing it for her!! You're taking one for the fact you're killing millions of your boys just so she won't get pregnant. You're stopping spermatogensis for her damn it! That counts for somethin right? Then again...I shouldn't be given advice on girls right about now...

  5. this isnt about the girl anymore its about if finishing this cycle is the right decision for me... i shouldnt have started AS yet i wasnt at my potential or close to it, im only 170 lbs and i havent trained nearly long enough.... but since i started should i finish out the cycle and then go natural or should i stop right away and if i do will it make it any easier to go natural..

  6. Finish what you started. Re-evaluate after that.

  7. she will get over it..finish the cycle. Just dont give her any reason to flip out about the juice.. (no fighting etc...)

  8. Just tell her that you quit and keep going, be a man and lie to her


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