What's Next... Dhea!!!

  1. What's Next... Dhea!!!

    Stop Congress From Making DHEA Illegal:
    Ask your Senators and Representative to oppose S. 1137 and any companion House legislation!

    On May 26, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) introduced a bill that could cut off your access to DHEA, a vital dietary supplement that provides important health benefits to seniors and those with chronic conditions.

    Your immediate help is needed to keep this safe and effective dietary supplement legal and accessible.

    Why Should We Oppose This Bill?

    This legislation, S. 1137, would classify DHEA as an anabolic steroid, adding it to the list of controlled substances and removing it from the market. Similar legislation is expected soon in the House of Representatives.

    DHEA is not an anabolic steroid. It is a naturally occurring hormone that has a wide range of benefits, including maintaining muscle strength and strong bones, boosting immunity, and improving mood and sleep patterns. Further studies suggest that DHEA may be helpful for such conditions as obesity, cancer and Alzheimer's disease. DHEA dietary supplements, which have been on the market for over 20 years, are derived from a plant in the wild yam family.

    This legislation is aimed at preventing abuse of steroids by athletes. However, DHEA, unlike androstenedione and other hormone precursors closer to testosterone, does not have a marked effect in building muscle or enhancing performance. Researchers at Harvard University conducted surveys of weightlifters and other athletes and found that DHEA is rarely -- if ever -- used by athletes for performance enhancement.

    How You Can Help

    We need your help to keep DHEA legal. Visit the Save Our Supplements website at www.saveoursupplements.org. Just put your ZIP code into the ZIP box in the top left corner and click "Go" to send a free e-mail letting your Senators and Representative know that you oppose any legislation that would make DHEA illegal.

    Congress should not restrict access to a dietary supplement that has given health to millions of Americans. Take action now!


  2. That is a link to an article that is almost a year old... June 2005

  3. Quote Originally Posted by theshocker21
    That is a link to an article that is almost a year old... June 2005
    despite the date of the article, the website www.saveoursupplements.org still offers the same opportunity to get involved and contact a local representative concerning the issue.

  4. Is it still an issue?

  5. it is by the way some of these threads are sounding (i.e. the banning of AX products and the future ban of all pro hormones)

  6. I doubt it

  7. I don't think that they'll ever ban DHEA because many older Americans utilize for general health purposes. This is the same group of people who tend to make up a huge chunk of voters in this country. Which begs to question, Why would politicians bite the hand that feeds them and piss off their constituency and lose those votes. Any politician with half a brain would see that's a losing proposition (however, the number of politicians with said half a brain seems to be dwindling with the Bonds situation.) They need to learn to fight the battles they can win, this most likely isnt one of them. Then again, who knows with the congressmen and senators we have.

  8. if i knew where that damn smiley was with the good post pointing up, i'd insert it, but i guess i'm not 1337 enough.


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