Injury On Cycle .... Help Advice Please

  1. Injury On Cycle .... Help Advice Please

    I am into week 9 of my testenan @ 500mg per week cycle

    Unfortunately about a week ago I injured my elbow during training, Itís causing problems with my chest, shoulder and tricep workouts however I decided to continue training through the pain as I didnít want to cut my cycle short

    Now im thinking its probably best to stop at 10 weeks rather than 12 in case I make it worse or cause even more serious damage.

    Im sure this is the best thing to do, my question is tho, as I have enough gear for a 12 weeker should I up the dosage to 750mg for the last 2 weeks

    Thanks in advance

  2. You need to stop the training that effects your elbow. Use Ice a couple times a day until the pain stops. After that start out slow with your training. Your elbow is going to be weaker than it was before you got hurt.
    Shoud you cut the cycle short? I wouldn't.

  3. With only two weeks left I would instead cut it at 10 weeks and let the elbow recover...If its serious you may need a Doc to look at it otherwise a little rest and rehab will do the trick. Bumping up to 750mg for the last two week with a 'gimp wing' is just a waste of good test that could be used when you can lift properly.

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