Hey guys, got a minor bump in the road... need some help

  1. Hey guys, got a minor bump in the road... need some help

    I have been diagnosed with ADD, and i have to take Strattera.....

    I'm on week 8 of a 14 week test e cycle 600mg/week (my first one, lovin it) and i wanna end it with weeks 9-14 on Halodrol....

    Can i do this while taking Strattera too? or will the two of them be too much for my liver? even tho the doc did say not to drink on scrattera, he did say liver damage is EXTEREMLY rare....

    Anybody in the same boat as me, post here lol, thanks!

  2. I am on strattera too and am actually in the 4th week of a 6 week cycle of a pheramone x and X mass cycle...however, I haven't had any bloodwork done, so the only real help I can offer is that I am still alive and don't have any sort of jaundice or anything. One bit of advice i can offer is that I bought bulk NAC for really cheap and run that year round, just in case. I would also watch your blood pressure if you do use the Halodrol, because Strattera elevated my blood pressure some, although I have been monitoring it and it is not too bad. And as for how you will like the strattera itself...good luck.

  3. I hated strattera, I was one of the few who had horrible sexual side effects with it. It gave me weak errections and painful ejaculations. If that somehow happens to you as well, discontinue right away. Has nothing to do with mixing the two, but remember you never really know what any wierd medication from a doctor will do to you until you take it for a bit.

    If I were you I would probably wait until after the cycle. That's just me though.

  4. oh i remember when i was diagnosed with ADD, they tried every drug available at the time, each of which made me speed. Anyhow, after that, the doctor re-diagnosed me with not having ADD... go figure...

  5. well, i'll have the medicine in a few days...

    and i'm on week 8 of the test/halo cycle.... The test is finally kicked in. its a 13 or 14 week cycle and on week 9 i start the halodrol for the last 5-6 weeks.... I hope my blood pressure and liver can handle it, i got the support supps (milkt thistle, garlic w/ ceyanne and hawthorne berry, Red yest rice, and CoQ10) so we'll see...

    thanks for all the replies guys!



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