4-ad only cycle

  1. 4-ad only cycle

    Has anyone tried a heavy 4-ad only cycle, similar to a test only cycle? I am thinking of trying a T4 cycle, with no 1-test, doing dosage so as to absorb around 500 mg a week of 4-ad. I think this would be somewhat similar to a test only cycle. I will obviously need nolva on hand for gyno. I have looked around and not seen much info on 4-ad without 1-test. Does anyone have any ideas on how well this would work?

  2. I believe WarDog has done such a cycle. He mentions it in a few threads, says he had decent results. Try another search using his name in the poster section of the search.

  3. rj,

    I an a newb to PH's & will be starting the same sort of cycle (4-AD alone) that you will be next week. Keep in touch.


  4. I think it would make for a good bulking cycle aslong as you ran something like liquidex along side it. Never done one myself though. Personally though, i would make my own injectable 4-AD cyp to avoid applying transdermal twice a day.

  5. Why the liquidex, to combat bloat? I am not to worried about some water gain, and wouldn't nolva help with that? I'd rather mess with transdermal than make my own injections, since I've never done any shots, and would just as soon do test enanth if I am injecting.



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