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    I started my first PH cycle (T1-Pro) a couple of days ago, but prior to that I noticed I had some hard lumps behind my nipples. Don't know when I got them, but then again before joining this board I never knew to. I have now noticed a bit of tenderness (it might just be from me grabbing at them all the time now or just in my mind) and I was curious of those of you out there that have been afflicted by this curse of nature, on what kind of timeline did you start to notice symptoms? Also my nolva should be at my door step today or tomorrow, until then should I back off on my PH cycle or stop all togeher?

  2. You should have everything you need before starting a cycle. If the tenderness is not from you touching them, you should stop unless you are positive the nolva will be there very soon. If you do stop, you probably don't have to wait too long to start again(with the nolva of course).

  3. I have been in contact with Liqua-Solutions and confirmed that the nolva is already in the mail on 2 day priority. If it isn't waiting for me when I get home I can get the 6-oxo at the supp store tonight to do what it can form me. But does this timeline of symptoms sound really fast for two days on?

  4. You're right, two days is pretty soon. You are probably overreacting. But if you already had the lumps, you may be prone, so better safe than sorry.

  5. absolutelty....I'm incredibly paranoid about getting man boobs. Plus I'm sure some of the sensation is the lingering effect of the T1 pro which I applied just below my pecks, but I will definately wait for Nolva to show up. Sometimes you just need some one else's voice of reason. Thanks bro

  6. Yo, let us know after you start the nolva. I'm really curious if 2 days of 1-test and 4ad can really cause gyno or if it's the standard "omg, my nipples tingle from 1-test and playing with them and I think it's gyno". No offense to your judgment or squeezing habits, just curious.

  7. I will keep you posted. I'm sure my paranoia is playing a huge role, but like i said I had noticed a marble sized knot behind my left nipple prior to starting, possibly a left over from from my teenage years. Any recommendations on the Nolva dosage on cycle? I was thinking to use 20mg ED, leaving my post at 20mg ED but bumping a bottle of 6oxo for good measure.

  8. Hehe, just found this thread. I did the same thing. Last night reading all the gyno threads I started pinching away and now my nips are sore as hell. I'm 12 days into my cycle though so my paranoia is even more justified. I ordered some nolva and was thinking of going 10mg ED. I've heard that should be enough to keep it under control.

    Anyone else have an opinion on this?

  9. I think the paranoia would be the biggest factor keeping my from the Dark Side....never mind the legality. If I'm all worked up about a PH that has a low occurance of aromatising, Just think about it if you were on a cycle of Test!

  10. Originally posted by DoubleUp
    I had noticed a marble sized knot behind my left nipple prior to starting,
    Marble sized??? Holy crap.

    Is that normally how big gyno gets? I always thought the lumps were much smaller. Like the size of frozen peas...

  11. I have had marble sized balls behind my nipples since about 7th grade...

  12. I ordered some nolva and was thinking of going 10mg ED. I've heard that should be enough to keep it under control.
    I would say 10 mg should be enough to keep things quiet. If suddenly gyno seems to rear it's head, then immediatley use 20 mgs untill things feel better so to speak, then drop it back to 10mg. By all means use 20 if your body requires it.

    Also I would not advise using anti-E's if not prone to gyno. Some estrogenic sides are necessary and not to mention anabolic. careful bro....dont **** around, gyno is no joke.


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