VPX Sports lab results?

  1. VPX Sports lab results?

    Hey guys does anyone have any lab results for VPX's products?  Even better are there any particular sites that post lab results for bb supplements?  Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Do a search at bb.com. 1-fast tested their proteins and found them to meet or exceed label claims. RippedUp likes their proteins as well.

  3. Perhaps I should have been more clear. I'm looking for lab results of their PHs. There is another debate going on @ bb.com about them, and I wanted to get some independent test results. I personally think they suck. I did a stack of their crap a couple of years ago.

    Do a search lol that's funny.

  4. I don't think any independent tests have been run on their PHs yet...but why go VPX when you can go BDC Nutrition? :-)

  5. VPX had a couple of ph's supposedly fail label test. However, I wonder about the credibilty of the test.

  6. I've seen the same results I believe, showing pretty erratic results... hard to know exactly what to believe about them, but at their prices why bother? stick with cheaper and more effective (bdc bdc bdc! .... )

  7. N'Pursuit, I didn't mean that as an insult. It's just that I remember reading those results over at bb.com. In fact i have read a ton over there on VPX prohormones, both pro and con. Lifeguard used their ph and loved them as I remember.

    bigswole30, welcome bro. Glad to see you over here.
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  8. John I know just messing with ya.

    I checked out every single thread that came up there before I asked here. LOL Bigswole is the one that was pushing them over there. I have no intentions on using them.  On a side what do you tink about Big Cat's new PHs?
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  9. Originally posted by N'Pursuit
    I have no intentions on using them. On side note what do you guys think about Big Cat's new PHs?
    I haven't used them either. Didn't know Big Cat had a new ph line. Let's hear more.

    Big Cat signed on as a member, but isn't a regular poster here. I'd love to see him offer more input.

  10. . 
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  11. LOL I was just reading the posts on them guess they aren't new my bad. can you tell I'm not into the PH game yet?

    On a side note I have started reading up on PHs lately, and before I start considering which stack I want to do while cutting I wanted to get some opinions out there.  If I survived a paradeca, decavar, & xenabol stack without any side effects (or any effects actually) would you consider me a low risk for side effects?  I'm one of those paranoid ones of loosing their hair.  It doesn't run in my family, but it still freaks me out.  Possible side effects are the biggest factor in determining what PHs I will choose.
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  12. A word about VPX and paradeca...this is what I know, based on hearsay of lab results. In Fall 1999 I did paradeca, my first real cycle other than nor-diol sometime in highschool. It increased my weight and my strength big time. Even caused acne. If not for the killer price I would've done more. However, when I looked into it a couple years later, the guy at my supplement store was no longer pushing it. He said VPX stopped meeting label, and the product was now worthless. That was a few years ago...I don't know the scoop now, but I know this guy knows his stuff and never sells a dud product. For him to say not to buy it is sayin somethin.

  13. Yes I have heard the same baham99. The only effect I noticed was strength increase, but I gave myself the credit for that, because I was bustin my ass twice as hard while on that stack.

  14. Npursuit,

    A good cutting cycle would be 1-test satcked with 1,4 andro. This cycle will provide minimal estrogen therefore the gains will be mostly lean if your diet is clean. 1-test is a downstream dht derivative, so the hairloss concern may be a problem if MPB runs in your family. I have successfully done a couple of 1-test cycles with no problem. If you are set on transdermal, I would go with 6 grams 1-test in a transdermal along with 400-600mgs of 1,4 andro daily. 1,4 andro has high bioavailabilty so it is fine in pill form. I believe BDC has a 1,4 product for a great price. Good luck. P.S. I do Push VPX along with all of the other great prohormones on the market.

  15. Originally posted by bigswole30
    VPX had a couple of ph's supposedly fail label test. However, I wonder about the credibilty of the test.
    So do I. Without a proper sample digestion, the results are useless since the PH's are supposedly encased in a liposome and would not be detected properly by HPLC with a simple "dilute and shoot" approach to analysis.

  16. BigSwole thanks for following up here as well as @ bb.com. I have spent the entire day as I often do reading. I started the day confused as hell and have ended it with most of it clicking. I'm still considering the 1,4 just not convinced it's worth it. Anybody else has some advice/input they would like to offer? I probably should have started a new thread for this I just didn't feel like clogging the forum with noob questions.

  17. I just didn't feel like clogging the forum with noob questions.
    whoa...I think you're the only one bro. If I had question on how hard to squirt my bottle, i'd start a thread in the homebrew section, the PH section, and the excercise section (on how it affects my forearm).


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