ergomax/1test cutter

  1. ergomax/1test cutter

    thinking of a cheap cutter come september. am able to get
    juggernaut md (ergomax clone so am told) and have cyclo 1test.
    have run SD before but this does not favour cutting carbs - would the ergo be ok to cut on?

  2. It's good for lean gains from my experience.. dunno bout straight up fat burning but yea it will probably suit your needs.. (MD2) is what I used,

  3. feelingfuzzy,

    The end goal of any cycle (cutting/mass gain) is mainly determined by your diet and training techniques, not the supplements (hormonal or otherwise) that you use. Some compounds might assist in nutrient partitioning and fat loss (Tren, clenbuterol, caffeine, ephedrine, etc) - but the diet is key.

    You probably already know all that and Im preaching to the choir, but its worth mentioning because so many users look to supplements first and diet/cardio second when it comes to fat loss.

    Either way, good luck with whatever you choose. IMO, Ergo + 1T would work well but also be quite a bit androgenic, so you may want to take precautions against hair loss if you're prone to it.


  4. what company makes this "juggernaut"?

    I've seen generic labz but this one is new to me. are the libido "gains" legit?

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