first test cycle

  1. first test cycle

    for 10 weeks at 500 mg/week.

    do you think i should front load with an oral like tbol or dbol or sdrol?

    is nolva/clomid ok for pct? is hcg vital?

  2. u should search for some along the lines of your title- i.e. First cycle, first injectable...
    Anyways, yes nolva/clomid is good for pct, HCG if you want to
    10weeks 500mg EW is the recconmended first cycle around here.
    Frontloading is not necessary however some people do reccomend it for the first 3-4 weeks w/ Dbol to help bump the gains

  3. I would seriously suggest at 22 you are making a mistake starting this cycle. Why not wait 3 years, really MAX OUT your training technique, diet, etc., and MAXIMIZE the still rocking natty test of a 22 yr old?

    If you absolutely insist, just do some serious resarch on PCT and HCG. Just remember, if you go ahead, you are choosing to shut down that fountain of natty test/youth you are blessed with at this time in your life. Us old guys would kill for what you have right now. Don't mean to preach, bro, just looking out...

  4. There is a lot of information on this board that can be answered through a little elbow grease bro. Research your PCT (in the PCT forum, no less!). Formulate your cycle plan based on what you've learned (In the Anabolics forum!), and then post back with a clearly outlined diet/training/cycle/PCT plan if you expect to get some positive responses.

    Thread closed.


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