Which is the best?

  1. Which is the best?

    Been out of the game for a few years... still training just been natural the last to years... no supplements except multivit's and udo's oil...

    Lost some upperboday mass and went from 10% BF to 16-17%BF...

    Everythings changed!!! All my chemistry knowledge was pre ban. I'm up in Canada so there's not much availability for supp's.

    Hypothetically speaking which is the best product.

    Legal Gear - Methyl Masterdol

    Andro Mass M1T 10mg
    17-methyl androstene 17b ol-3one

    17 hydroxy 6 alpha methyl ethyletiocholan-3, 20dione 6aplha methyl-etiocholenee-317-dione

    for PTC from the above supp's is is Novedex XT by Gaspari Nutrition any good? or should I stick with Tamoxifen (if I can find it).

    Are any of these hard on the liver? Do any of these convert to estrogens? Any sides?


  2. bumblebee tuna

  3. 10...9...8...7...6...5....

  4. Looks like you have got a lot of searching to do..if you want to find out about all those things.

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