Nandrotest, Nandrovar, Primotest

  1. Nandrotest, Nandrovar, Primotest

    Recently visited ... and found what seemed to be some interesting products, any feedback or experience with any of them?

  2. sounds just like VPX's stuff to me

  3. ok if ur going to spam please have more than 2 can anyone find these products "interesting"

  4. Anytime your products are a vpx knock off it is not a good thing

  5. even funnier is u have the logo as ur avatar..lmao..pretty good laugh this early in the morning

  6. ok if ur going to spam please have more than 2 can anyone find these products "interesting"
    Look man, i came to ask an opinion on a product i haven't heard of. Not to "spam", i came to the board hoping to teach and learn, whats with the cocky remarks? I know i have the truly huge logo, i didn't know that was a sin, lots of people use random logos, so whats your problem buddy?

  7. ok if u were sincere i apologize but i have doubts about a guy that calls himself kingdeca asking about vpx like products..sorry if i offended u but look at it from my prospective man

  8. haha, it's alright man, i did a cycle once and thats it... i don't have much gear experience. The name is just because i couldn't come up with anything else.. lol. I was just wondering about that company's credebility or if anyone had tried any of their products, i was looking for some feedback on the quality. Oh and yea i changed my icon to my rarr's (gf's) pic, so as not to rip off an icon from truly huge.

  9. They are very similar to vpx products which do not suck. However they have about three times the amount of hormone versus the vpx brand. Go to and do a search for freaker. He is a well known and respected bro on He is the primary distributor of the lmr products you mentioned. He sells them for cheaper than the website you mentioned. Also, I think will be carrying the line in the near future.


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