T1 and 19nor together?

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  1. How come noone has taken...

    t-1 with 19nor and boldione... im wondering i havent even seen it posted..

    im doing that stack..

    maybe im over doing it? also started v-12 and nox2 been saving all these for awhile now... is this crazy? thanks

  2. t1 and 19nor together will kill your libido and shut your HPTA down real hard...I believe that's why no one has tried it. Might want to throw some 4AD in there...

    How much 1,4 are you taking? How long is your cycle?

    V12 sounds good, but Ive never tried it...it looks like you could get all the stuff in there from a good diet...

    I havent tried Nox2, either.

    What are your plans for post cycle?



  3. doesnt T1 have 4 ad in it, like 10 grams 4ad, 5 g 1-test, unless he was saying T1 as 1 test then ok, but if not then the T1 has the 4ad in it...

  4. t-1 has 4-ad in it already... im doing 1 test 4ad 19 nor 1,4

    19, nor and 1,4 at 600 mgs a day.. might bump the nor to 900...

    plus v-12 and nox2

    i got my eating down, trust me..

  5. That's what I thought hamper19 - that tropicana meant T1 as in 1test.

    Hey tropicana whats your dosage on the T1?

    What's your current weight/height?

    Sounds interesting bro - Be careful with the high dose of 19Nor-diol I would have some nolva and vitex on hand. I know that 19Nor-diol converts to nandralone, which can increase prolactin and aromatize into estrogen. I dont know about the PH itself - if it aromatizes or not.

    What are your plans for post cylcle?


  6. i plan on using liquid clomid and liquid nolva.... but i was able to get my hands on some winny, dunno if to hold on to it, or maybe to add it in...

    im gonna use liquidsolutions or whatever for postcycle...

    im using 4 squirts a day
    600 mgs of 1,4 dione
    600 mgs of 19nor

  7. tropicana -
    I think you'd be better off stacking the liqua-nolva with either 6-oxo or (better yet) liqua-dex. Clomid and Nolva work on the same mechanism (they're receptor blockers). I think its better to stack a receptor blocker with an aromatase inhibitor.

    I dont know about the winny...


  8. what do u think about my stack thou? i havent seen ANYONE using these 4 together, and im wondering why?

    anyways how long you think till it kicks in, the general concensus is about a week ands i cant wait for a week to pass!

  9. The 1-test/4AD will kick in real fast 4-7 days you should start feeling it. 19Nor-diol, while being a good anabolic drug, isnt a very potent androgen, so its effects take longer to be fully realized. Maybe 2 weeks or so, but Im not really sure.

    I beleieve that 19Nor has never been stacked with 1test because they both shut HPTA down, 19Nor especially. Stacking them both together will result in a HARD shutdown, and it may be difficult to keep your gains. I know that 3weeks into Anabol-x, my nuts were so small I was actually pretty scared. I hardly notice any shrinkage 3 weeks into T1...

    Another reason I think they are not stacked together is - 19Nor really dosent 'add' anything to a 1test stack. 1test is so anabolic on its own that it does the brunt of the 'work' in the cycle. The 4AD is usually there to negate its side effects. Also, its conversion hormone (testosterone) should be a component in any mass gain stack. (or so Ive read)

    19Nor will increase estrogenic/progesteronic activity - so alongside the 4AD it will be even more difficult to keep your gains lean.

    Also - keep in mind that a bigger variety of chemicals in your system does not necessarily mean bigger gains. For the money, I think you would have been better off just going with T1 at a higher dosage. Adding more 1test would definately bring you bigger gains than adding another PH, like 19NorDiol. 1test dosent need to convert, its an actual steroid. Its 7x as anabolic as test. Its the fushizzle

    1,4 is good stuff though. I think that a lot of people dont go with it because it really dosent add anything in terms of 'quanity' mass gains compared to its cost. Its mainly there for an increase in redbood cell production and an increase in appetite. Both great for bulking. I believe it also helps improve vascularity.

    I have no idea if all those chem's stacked together will have a bad effect on your cholesterol levels, something a lot of people neglect but definately something to be concerned about.


  10. Please let me know about your results as i have considered the same supp's.

  11. for my next run, i am going with T1pro, and 1,4. That should be fun. Keep us updated on your progress.

  12. hamper:

    what part of Nj are you from?

  13. middlsex county...pm me if u want to talk **** about our home state, that is if your from dirty jerz too..

  14. I'm from Edison

  15. I've thought about that stack too--the negative is that both 1-test and 19-nor shut down natural test production, but the positive is that the low/no androgenicity of nor could balance out the very high androgenicity of our favorite DHT analogue.

  16. i have a question, what doesnt shut down nat test production....

  17. Correct me if I'm wrong but i do not think 1,4 does but i may be mistaken

  18. NOTHING that is androgenic does not "shut down" natty production. Some just do it much faster or "harder" than others. In time if adrogenic, it will shut you down.

  19. my thoughts exactly....

  20. not real good at keeping logs, but i am going thru with it... Day 3 in the morning up from 178 to 178.5.. prolly just waterfrom the v-12...

    its extremely hard to time all these sups especially the nox2 and v-12
    im 5 11 btw..

  21. I assume that 19nor is oral, and if it is it will not do anything.

  22. Originally posted by Lgoosey
    I assume that 19nor is oral, and if it is it will not do anything.
    No its not and yes it does  

  23. I beg to differ....the dosage requrired to elicit any sort of beneficial response is far too high when using oral Nordiol

  24. Originally posted by Lgoosey
    I beg to differ....the dosage requrired to elicit any sort of beneficial response is far too high when using oral Nordiol
    I just said it wasn't an oral. I also just said that it will do something because as a dermal, it is effective.

  25. yes i know its dermal now but

    and if it is it will not do anything.
    implying oral use...

    and yes it does
    response confused me


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