andro and fat burning

  1. Exclamation andro and fat burning

    Hey boys,

    I understand than andro (cant remember which) can help in fat burning a great deal, my buddy used a gram a day for 15 days and lost almost 10% with a clean diet! Anyone else seen this happen, or is it possible? Is it worth it, or should I try something like clen instead?

  2. Bro, losing 10% body fat in 15 days in IMPOSSIBLE. Is he trying to sell you andro or what?

  3. a gram a day?? 10% bodyfat in 2 weeks?? cheez Sage

  4. If you are trying to lose bodyfat, a clean diet and cardio is the way to go. Adding clen in there will only speed up the process, but without the other two down pat will do fu(k all, except help keep you from possibly gaining more fat.

  5. no no, he only did andro the first 15 days, the rest came off by the end of the month, no changes...



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