winny and bone growth

  1. Exclamation winny and bone growth

    what do you guys know about winny stunting growth at say 50mg ed, injected? Should I take an anti-e? Would that help to prevent it from stunting, or will it happen anyway?

  2. It's getting hot in here......

    Why would a anti-e stop the stunting of growth? Pretty sure all anabolics have the potential of stunting growth.

  3. Well here is my take on it.. if you are still growing the WHY THE HELL ARE YOU JUICING? Okay now that I have got that out of my system did that make sense to you?

  4. Unless if you're already 6'4, I don't know why anyone would trade permanent height for a temporary early start on chemical muscle.

  5. IF you're planning to take winny alone, forget about it. Thats a sweet cycle for a female, its not going to do alot for you



  6. I dont know about the stunting growth thing, me and my bro started juicing when we were 18 about 4 years ago and my bro grew a whole bunch. I still grew about an inch or two aswell. Not that I recomend using AS before you are mature cuz when I started it I didnt know anything about it and I really ****ed my system up. I used sust,finabolan, suspension, test enanthate, d-bol and wintrol on my first cycle with no post cycle therapy. I didn't know **** and had no injection shedule, just shot some **** whenever I felt like it which turned out to be more often then not. Luckily when my system recovered the only negative was a little insignificant gyno lump the size of a pea under my right nipple. But because of this lump I can never use any test again and that really sucks. As for winstrol I love it, especially zomba, winstrol depot. No need for anit-e's here. Sure I gained alot of weight my first cycle and got mad strong but to me it wasn't worth it. My sex drive was ****ed up forever and had bacne for long time. But since I only use non aromatizing juice now I have been able to put on lean quality mass with no or little bloat. Winstol is good.

  7. Polski..what is your age?

  8. No one knows for you're rolling the dice...


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