What's up with Muscle Researches small *** filters?

  1. What's up with Muscle Researches small *** filters?

    Why in the hell does Muscle Research only carry the 33mm small ass filters that you can't even use to filter fina? This is the only reason that I don't purchase from them. Someone should let them know about this problem. I have tried using these small filters and just decided to throw them away. Let me know what you guys think.

  2. because at the .22 um range you manage to filter out almost ALL of the bacteria present in a given sample..

  3. I have always used Finafarms 22mm x .45um filters and they see to work great. I am pretty sure that I have used the same 33mm x .45um filters that Muscle Research carries and they seem to be very small and ineffective at filtering when compared to the filters that finafarm carries. What's the difference and how can I use the Muscle Research 33mm filters more effectively? How many filters will it take to filter 50ml of fina?

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