Pre-Employment Drug Screening! Any Worries?

  1. Pre-Employment Drug Screening! Any Worries?

    Im about to get hired for a great job (finally, damnit!!) And I have to pass a pre-employment drug screening. Ill be off my T1 cycle by then and into post-cycle with 6-oxo/nolva. Will the nolva show up on the test at all, or are those tests basically for illegal narcotics? (MJ, cocaine, etc)?

    Sorry about the basic q's - Ive never had to take a drug test before and Im sort of anxious.


  2. They'll only test for coke, heroin, weed, and booze..

    Unless you plan to work for the Olympics..

  3. Now Pete, you know good and well it's the "Special" Olympics..

    BV, he's right, I see no problem with the drug screen. No worries.

  4. Thanks for the reassurance guys...

    I figured there was no need to sweat it - but man, its still a pain in the ass.


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