Nolva timing

  1. Nolva timing

    I've looked for this but couldnt find the answer.

    Does it matter what time you take liqua nolva? Do you take it before bed like 6-oxo. Are there any supps that can block absorbtio?


  2. No there are none, but I did well taking my clomid just before bed, I would think novla would work well at tha time also

  3. If you are to stack it with 6-oxo should you take the two together, or space them apart?


  4. Any particular reason to take it right before bed WarDog? or is that just a good time for you?

  5. i feel it isnt necessary or best to take it at a certain part of the day. as long as the dosages are spread through even doses (ive done 10-20mg twice a day) with whole meals. Sage

  6. Matthew, I just figure the bodys rythem has you with a surge of test in the morning. Since clomid/novla stimulates LH, I figured try to get the most stimulation 8-10 hours before that morning surge. I have NO scientific data to back it, just an assumption/theroy on my part.


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