*Help* On Cycle Injury - What should I do

  1. *Help* On Cycle Injury - What should I do

    So I broke my thumb yesterday while taking a ground ball. It's a hairline fracture in the last bone at the end of my thumb.

    I'm currently 15 days into a Var/Test E cycle that I was going to run as follows:
    Test E: Wks 1-12 @ 500 mg/wk
    Var : Wks 1-6 @ 45mg ed

    I frontloaded the test with 1000mg during week 1 and 750 last week (week 2).

    More info on myself and the cycle in this thread http://anabolicminds.com/forum/anabo...-e-anavar.html

    I haven't spoken to a hand specialist yet but the ER doctor said it could take 6 wks to be back at 100% in terms of playing ball again.

    Basically I'm not sure if I should continue with the cycle or not. I can still do legs obviously and I don't really see that I would need the thumb at anywhere near 100% to do most lifts as long as I stick to isolation exercises and find different lifts to substitute for ones that bother or put strain on the thumb.

    If, however, I do decide to stop the cycle, how long would I wait before starting PCT? I'm guessing that since I'm only two weeks into the test injections and it's a long ester test, I should wait some period of time before starting PCT. However, it seems that this period should be shorter than the 2 weeks.

    I'm taking cissus and a bunch of joint supps such as celadrin, glucosamine, and MSM.

    I've been reading up on IGF and was wondering how much it would help in a situation such as this?

    Basically I wanted some advice on what I should do and was wondering if anyone has had a similar injury and what their experience was in terms of how well they were able to keep lifting.
    Should I bag the cycle or keep going? And if I stop, how long should I wait before starting PCT? And lastly, what can I do to speed up recovery?

    Thanks a lot guys, I really appreciate your expertise and willingness to help.

  2. Come on guys, any thoughts? How hard is it to workout though an injury like this? Will the Var and Test hurt or help the healing process? Anything?

  3. Ultimately will you be able to get enough benefit from the cycle to make it worth your while? Ask yourself what you can and can't do, then what progress will you make at what risk? IMO if I could get my money and times worth I'd go ahead and continue. Good luck
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  4. decent question? do anabolics enhance or discourage recovery of an injury? not necessarily a bone injury, but muscle tear? connective tissue? you would think they would help.

  5. DO all your exersizes with a thumbless grip...heh

  6. i did, until last saturday when i ripped my left elbow lifting a guitar amp out of the back of a blazer window.(heard it clearly tear like an old rag) about 2 weeks into a cycle. now i'm wondering if i'll heal faster on or off. i have full mobility of it, but i will obviously have to take it light, slow, high-rep, i'm mega dosing cissus using celadrin caps & cream, chodroitin, glucosamine, msm. i'm amazed at how far i've come in 5 days.


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