How much weight have you gained on your SD cycle?

  1. How much weight have you gained on your SD cycle?

    My first cycle was 3 weeks and I gained 12 lbs.
    My second cycle was 6 weeks with SD/PP and gained 16 lbs.

  2. 10/20/20 and gained 20 lbs including pct lost nothing but some strength cant wait to see what my next results are ill be happy if i gain another 10 solid lbs

  3. *duplicate*

  4. Same here, I just started a 3 week SD cycle today... 20/20/20. Or 20/20/30.... My last cycle (PP/SD) I was looking to finally hit 200 lbs, but missed is by 5 lbs.... I'll definitely hit it this time....... (I hope)...... I just love looking back 2 years ago when I was 160lbs....

  5. Jim... Would you mind emailing me.. I have a few questions for ya.. I to was 162 when I started SD... Have gained 12 lbs on first cycle, but I have a couple of questions I would like to ask ya.. Email address is [email protected]


  6. fist SD cycle I did 10/10/20, gained about 12lbs, kept about 8lbs... I think it's hard to hang on to that much weight when you're bodies only "on" for three weeks, but 8lbs makes me happy.

  7. Within one year, I went from 170 to 213 at the most.

    This was with only doing 4 cycles of SD............My PCT was never that good though. I am as stong as hell when I am on it, but once I get off, I do loose strength and some size. I went from benching 225 to 405. This is not a joke!

  8. Dude. 4 cycles in a year? Go home...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by 502 Country Boy
    Dude. 4 cycles in a year? Go home...
    3 weeks on, 3 weeks PCT, 6 weeks off, that's 12 weeks x 4 = 48 weeks.... It can be done, but I'll stick to two or maybe even three cycles in a years time.

  10. off a 10/20/20 cycle I gained ~13lbs and kept 11 after pct. I was dosing pretty light for my weight (220 pre-cycle). Next one I'll be doing 20/30/30. I'm honestly amazed at some of the gains people have had with SD. 20lbs in 3 weeks is just incredible.

  11. i honestly i had better results in those three weeks than my last legit cycle of 10 weeks, and seeing as the woman is giving me sh*t about the injectables superdrol is gonna be my buddy from now on.

  12. I did a 3 weeker of 10/20/20 w/ Formadrol Extreme stand alone for pct for 4 weeks. Gained 18lbs total and have kept 12lbs after my 4 week pct. See my log for more information regarding my experiance


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