Study on Long Term Cardiac affects from AAS

  1. Study on Long Term Cardiac affects from AAS

    I think this is a fairly interesting study. One of the most detailed and recent ones I have read on the subject.

    Considering the mean level of use of the test subjects I think the conclusions are pretty good.
    their mean self reported dose had amounted to 720 mg/week for 26 weeks a year over nine years. Seventeen athletes (users) were current users of AAS (examined while ‘‘on treatment’’) at a mean dose of 1030 mg/week (median 750 mg) for 33 weeks a year over eight years.

  2. This is a great article Natiels! Thanks for posting it.


  3. Excellent. I'll have to print this out for a good read during one of my boring classes. Thanks.

  4. I am bumping this. I posted it last year around this time but with all the "PP/SD/methyl asdf help now?!?!?!?" threads it stuck around for about a day before it was pushed back to no mans land. I thought it was a really interesting read and figured some people that missed it before might want to check it out.

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