Taking Nolva while on cycle?

  1. Taking Nolva while on cycle?

    Okay, I know a lot of people are reading the title like, "What the hell is this noob talking about?"

    I am preparing to take my first PH cycle of 50/50 1T/4AD Transdermally. I have a whole lot of nolva and I am NOT worried about wasting money. I have had lumps about the size of marbles behind my nipples since I was about 15 but no visible signs of gyno. I am scared that the 4AD combined with my already predeveloped gyno may lead to some nasty results. If I begin taking the PH and say 3-5 days into it I begin to feel sore/itchy/puffy nips, what is the best course of action? To take 20mg per day and continue? Where is the point that I should decide to terminate the cycle early?

    If I do end up taking the nolva partway through the cycle to combat gyno, will my post recovery doseage of nolva have to go up? Should I get clomid in addition to nolva? Thanks for the help guys, and sorry for all the quesitons, this is a very important matter to me, and I am not going to dive in head first without the answers first.

  2. I used nolva at 10mg/day while using boldione. I upped it to 20mg/day after coming off and seemed to recovery test levels in about 3 weeks. If you want to be safe just up the dosage a little more when coming off, but 20mg may be fine.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Why did you use that particular doseage during the cycle?

    Anyone else?


  4. I was using 20mg/day before starting to treat some proscar induced gyno. I thought it would be a bad idea to come off and start a cycle at the same time so dropped the dose to 10mg.

    I thought maybe I was being overly cautious and dropped the nolva for a few days mid-cycle -- bad idea. Started to notice symptoms getting worse so I bumped it back up.

  5. I typically use 40 mg a day (20 mg morning/20 mg evening) during any cycle I am on. I find that it completely eliminates any gyno symptoms (including tender nipples) and keeps my sex drive up.

  6. does this effect the gains of the PH cycle? What type of results are you seeing at what doseage and cycle lengths?


  7. I don't think it effects gains, although it may seem like it does since you get less water retention than you would normally.

  8. water retention is anabolic so it may effect gains although not to a great extent.


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