4-AD half-life

  1. 4-AD half-life

    Does anyone know the half-life of 4-AD cypionate? Is it the same as test cyp?

  2. Yep, hence the word CYPIONATE.....

  3. Thanks kitchen chemist, I just needed reassurance. I assumed a cyp ester was a cyp ester, but just wanted to make sure. My homebrew is ready for experimentation. I will post my results. I will be taking 375mg twice a week for eight weeks.

  4. Sounds good bro, how much 4-ad cyp did you buy? Did you get from 1fast? May look into adding that to my list of goodies....

  5. I bought 20grams. Thought I might as well stock up. I got it from 1fast400 and it arrived in 2 days. He has awsome service. I will keep you up to date with how it is going though.

  6. Are you injecting it? Talkto ya..
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  7. Ahh good question, i just assumed he was...

  8. I try.... Talk to ya...
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  9. Yeah I am injecting.

  10. Then 2ice /week is good. Just wondering.. talk to ya...
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