Phera-Plex-Need help from an Experienced User

  1. Phera-Plex-Need help from an Experienced User

    Hey guys, just wanted to say that I have searched the forums and have not really found the answer to this question yet, as it is more of a question based on my personal goals/stats.

    I have been bodybuilding for 4 years, never taking a break (1-2 weeks sometimes when I feel overtrained) and never missing a workout. I am 5'9, 174 lbs. (I just took a week off all training before my PP cycle, so I lost about 5 lbs. when I got off my bulking diet). I am supposed to weigh around 130 and am an extreme ectomorph but through trial and error, and a little hard work I have managed to look close to the way I want.

    Question: I have taken m1t in the past for a 2 week cycle (not long) and experienced around 10 lbs. of muscle gain. I feel like my workouts are not right for being on PP or even when I was on m1t. Can someone explain the difference between a workout on PP and a workout while not on? I have heard that your recovery while on steroids is greatly increased and that you can workout more and experience better gains.

    My current workout is: 2 times a week, Monday and Thursday

    Full Body Workout:

    20-Rep Squats (225 lbs. x20 last workout)
    Bench Press 2x8-10
    Bent Over Rows 2x 10-12

    Should I move to doing a split routine?

    My current On cycle is PP 10/20/30/30 with Perfect Cycle
    I will PCT with rebound xt and maybe retain.

    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. Hi Son101,

    It looks like you know what you're doing, but I'd highly recommend giving your workout a change before jumping on the PP.

    I think inooporating a 3-4 day split and focusing on specific muscle groups will yield some great gains for you, especially if you've only been training 2x per week since day one.

    Although, being an extreme ecto you might not be able to handle the volume and intensity that a more mesomorphic person could - you're doing about 20 sets per week bro. While Im sure you've made some nice gains in the beginning - a more specialized program would yield superior results for you, Im sure.

    What's your diet look like? Sounds like you have your PP cycle all planned out - it will be your diet and training that deliver the retained gains from there.

    If I were you, I'd spend some time in the exercise/training forum and start researching a routine that will push your body a little harder, and shock your muscles into a new phase of growth.


  3. Hey what up. You should be running a little better schedule than that on M1t. Your not training nearly Hard enough on that split. Split your body parts up. Go with pushing exercises one workout and pulling another.And do legs on another day.
    Make sure you eat like a horse and get plenty of sleep. do so
    something like this. Mon Chest,shoulders Tri's. Tues off wed legs thurs off Fri back bi's sat&sun off. Or do whatever works for you. Everyone responds different to exercises,splits supps whatever. Always listen to your body. Good lifting

  4. Well I wish yoy luck with this cycle first off, and offer you congratulations for what you have so far acheived.

    My 2 suggestions:

    Maybe cut the PP dosage down some, you are well under 200 pounds and have little AA/AAS/PS experience. Do something more like this-10/20/20/30 Or EVEN 10/20/20/20 if your seeing results off 20, as they say, if it aint broke dont fix it. Save the rest for a future cycle as Im sure you will enjoy this compound. It will yeild good dry results, not as great as m1ts, but good, with very little sides.

    My second suggestions:

    DEFINEATLY concentrate on different muscle groups each day. Do a 3 days on 1-2 day off split, or a 5 days on 2 days off.

    Here is an example of 1 day of my 5 workout days:


    3 sets Incline Dumbell press
    3 sets Flat Bench Dumbell Press
    3 sets Incline Bar Presses((middle chest))

    3 sets back pulls upper back
    3 sets back pulls lower back
    Lower back situps

    Lats/Lower chest pulls (super sets)-4 sets

    Flies/Reverse Back Flies (super sets)-4 sets


    Pushup Burnout

    My weights and reps adjust depending on my goals. But as you can see im concentrating that whole day on hitting my chest and my back. I hit each area, upper chest, whole chest, lower chest, lats, upper/lower back.

    This is One day of working out.

    You also DEFINEATLY need to do legs, it will help your metabolism, keep you entertained, and make you look better overall.

    Heres an example of what Im doing right now during my PP/Prostan/EC cutting cycle:

    Monday: Chest/Back/Abs
    Tuesday: Biceps/Triceps/Calfs/Abs
    Wednesday: Shoulders/Traps/Hams/Quads/Abs
    Thursday: Super Cardio
    Friday: Super-Set every muscle group
    Sat: Off
    Sun: Off

    As you can see I am hitting every muscle multiple times during the week, and when I hit eachmuscle group I concentrate on it and hit it hard, and every area of that muscle.

    What im suggesting, is defineatly start changing your workout schedual to hit more muscle groups and concentrate on them all more. Defineatly stay away from doing an upper body all in onday, without even really hitting every muscle, routine.

    Do something like this and your gains will increase even so much more, putting more tension and forcing more growth upon your muscles, and shocking them with something new.

    Expect to be sore, and excited

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