Test prop, Best results ED or EOD?

  1. Test prop, Best results ED or EOD?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death over the year, but the general consensus seems to be that ED injects seems to not only be more effective in gaining and keeping muscle but for side effects, does anyone beg to differ. I hear all over the place that EOD is the same, then someone comes out and claims that ED seems to be the "best'. Thanks 4 your help and time

  2. theoretically ED is better .. in practice i've found EOD to work JUST FINE

  3. The only thing that you have to weigh is the benefit of the more stable levels, over the cost of more pins, and the pain of injecting prop twice as much. For me, the small advantage is not worth the disadvantages it creates.

  4. Fluctuations of levels are related to sides. Therefore ED shots with Test Prop, Tren Ace etc will lessen chance of sides. Most importantly with Tren Acetate... If a person is getting nightsweats and insomnia with Tren Acetate on an EOD routine, switching to ED shots alleviates these sides more often than not. I see more benefit from ED shots with any short ester, and more benefit from E3D shots with long/medium esters.. .it's all about the stable levels.

    ED is best.. But Glen is right, Prop is fine EOD.

  5. ^^ agreed...the most important thing is to assess your sides on an EOD schedule. If you're sensitive, then switch to ED. Personally i do test prop /tren ace EOD with no problems at all.



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