fina question??

  1. Question fina question??

    If "someone" did 100mg eod of fina for a month would I get any good gains.? would 15cc be enough to to see any results>? Or do u have to run it longer? I appreciate all the feed back.


  2. Okay let me see if I got this question straight.. you are basically wanting to know if you only have 15 cc of Fina do you have enough to run a cycle? What is the mg/ml of your fina?

  3. 100mg EOD for 4 weeks isn't long enough IMO... put in the money, get some more stuff and do it right or don't do it at all...


  4. c.o.v.gnc, your profile shows you to be 19. You are a little young for a fina/test cycle. You should research some more and give this some serious thought, bro

  5. I agree with JB, and I am a damn Wait a bit, and research a bit..fina is harsh stuff, not to be toyed with.

  6. You wouldnt want to run Fina with out Test, bro. You're asking for Fina Dick I agree with my brothers............... too young, and not long enough




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