Cutting options

  1. Cutting options

    Take this as a jump off point. I want to start looking into a cutting cycle for the middle of the summer (pre-contest). I'm in the middle of my first PP standalone, 4 week cycle right now. Things are going awesome with that.

    Now I have two bottles of Prostanozol and one bottle of Pheraplex that I am planning on using after taking some time off after this cycle, but I was wondering what all of you would recomend looking into. I have just glanced around at a few logs with clen, t3, albuterol and I just wanted to get some oppinions on what would be a good idea to combining with the PP/Pro cycle.

    Or would even putting a EC stack with that work (I figured that might put the BP on the high side and have some pretty bad cardiac effects), but I could be wrong.

    Any oppinions would help put me in the right direction.

  2. I am doing an identicle cycle that you are planning-for cutting purposes

    ATM im one week in on a PP/ProStan cycle, my PS doesnt start untill another week, and my EC starts this week.

    Alrdy off of 10mg PP alone im seeing results-

    PP is a solid clean compound great for cutting, and prostanozol is also an AWESOME compound to stack it with when cutting.

    Throwing in EC before a workout on an empty sthomach will do a number of things:

    Of course it will give you energy which is always good-especialy if your tired or feeling a little lethargic, n it will help you focus as well

    The E will also help combat any bloat you may receive from the PP.

    Your metabolism will receive a boost and you will burn fat quicker.

    I defineatly suggest a PP/ProStan/EC cycle. Good luck with it, you can check out my log also in the cycle section-

    Also, if you REALLY wanted to gain even that extra little edge, do a ECY stack or even an ECA do combine all 3 of your suggestions.

    As for your BP, yes it will be a higher, but if you take the proper precautions (not TOO much E/C ~ Hawthorne Berry/Celery Seed Extract) you will be allright.

  3. After doing plent of ephedra/ephedrine runs, i can honestly say that the aspirin is not worth the sides. That statement seems wierd, but it made the effects seem instant. I dont like to take someting and feel it minutes later. I like the prolonged energy.

    I saw one question asking about cardiac effect? Ephedrine is used for "asthma" remedies, so it shouldnt cause a problem.

    I see the best results when i use EC for three weeks, ECY for three weeks and then YC for three weeks to try and shake things up a bit.

    Yohimbe gives me much stronger jitters than Ephedra, but the fat loss is greater for me. On the flipside, Ephedra gives me way more energy than the Yohimbe has ever done.

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