lipostabil ? for dr.d

  1. lipostabil ? for dr.d

    Don't be stupid guys! I don't know what he's charging, but I can go to Walmart and buy liquid lecithin for 10$ per 32oz! The thick liquid is just as pure as the sticky solid. If the solid is white it's actually purer, but if the solid is yellow or brown, you may as well get some liquid and micron filter if you plan to inject. It's lipotropic so I assume you mean spot injections to mobilize local fat in specific areas or something?

    you posted this a while back

    now knowing more about lecithin......and prices.....and more importantly we know it can be injected IM everday and has in some patients been injected IM is there a way we can get the lecithin and inject it?....of course we are talking filtering it and maybe adding acetyl alchohol to kill germs but can it be done for if nothing else to lower cholesterol?

    go ahead....let the flames begin

  2. thats most stupid thread ever.......go ahead and inject that junk IM, but dont come crying.

    Lipostabil is meant for sup-q injection in the fat, because it can dissolve the fat tissue. Now go ahead, and inject IM and let your muscle melt, and the inflamation kick your nuts.

    also the stuff they sell in walmart are suspended in oils, and has preservetives in it. PhosphatidylCholine n the liquid lecithen is less than 5%, and lipostabile is also almost pure phosholipid.

    Anyway the stuff that animal sells on his board is junk also. i wuldint do it if its not a pharmamcutical grade.

  3. sorry to bring this back bro....but i tried lipo IM.....guess what....great results.....and animal is a class act with great products NYAH NYAH NYAH NEENER NEENER NEENER

  4. No flames, I think it is a strong possibility you need to learn to conduct yourself as an adult on this board, for I can almost guarantee this thread is now going to go nowhere and your question will remain unanswered.

  5. im mellow compared to the crap i used to say here......i was banned and my old screen name still is......but thanx for your concern

    anyways this past spring i answered my own question by tryin the stuff.......and research on another board (one more interesting as actual compounds and stuff go....this board is better for supps and reviews)

  6. Evading a ban? Say it ain't so...

  7. "I got the bannin' stick"

    That's a 50C song right??


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