Test/D-Bol Question??

  1. Test/D-Bol Question??

    I'm about 3wks into my cycle....Just 500mg test wk.....I just got some DBol, would it be a bad thing to start that DBol 3 or 4 wks into the cycle?
    Thanks Fellaz


  2. What are your current stats and cycle history?

  3. 25 5'11 155lbs. ......Did a 9wk.cycle of sust. about 5yrs. ago..

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JKurz211
    25 5'11 155lbs. ......Did a 9wk.cycle of sust. about 5yrs. ago..
    You don't need gear. You need to eat and lift.

  5. Well I've started my cycle already.....Just wondering would it be a bad idea to start some DBol a few wks into a test-e cycle????

  6. Quote Originally Posted by LCSULLA
    You don't need gear. You need to eat and lift.

    Same thing I thought. I would save the gear for later... You can still gain ALOT of mass naturally rather than using androgens.

  7. How bout that question I asked.......????

  8. Question HAS been answered. You just can't read between the lines. I will dilineate it for you: stop your cycle, run appropriate PCT (if you even know what that is) and start reading about proper nutrition and exercise. 5'11 and 155lbs, come on man. What made you think you needed steroids? Take this advise or not. I wish I would have had someone set me on the right course a long time ago cause I could have saved a lot of money and be a lot bigger and stronger than I am now. Trust me, if your not gaining without gear you are doing something wrong and the gear will just have you doing the yo-yo in weight. Gain a few lbs then lose it all untill you jump back on cycle again just to repeat. Thats the wrong type of CYCLE. IMHO
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